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Hopply Sparkling Hop Water was born out of the need to give the brewery staff more refreshments during the workday other than beer. Beer itself is the best drink for any moment, but for a long thirsty day and to maintain the quality of our work, we thought that water would work better.


But what is better than water? Bubble water! And what is better than bubble water? Well hop water of course! Hopply Sparkling Hop Water is made by extracting dried hop plants into clean water and carbonating the drink for freshness. In our flavored Hopply waters, we use fruits and the highest quality aroma teas.  

The same hops is used in the Hopply drink family, which conjure up the most delicious flavors of Fat Lizard’s other drinks as well. Hopply is a sincere choice for adult moments when 0% is a better option.

Not only a thirst quencher, Hopply also serves as a non-alcoholic alternative to our finest evening parties or even as a mixer for cocktails and mocktails.

Hopply Sacramento is the mother figure of a new drink family. Fully stripped, only Amarillo and Citra hops for flavour. Alcohol-free, calorie-free, carefree.


Hopply Boston is a fresh berry hop water. A fun combo of raspberry, blackberry and hibiscus.

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